Steps on How to Trim, Clip or Cut Rabbit Nails

How to trim rabbit nails
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There comes a time when rabbit nails grow long. Unlike other pets that are used for digging and scratching, bunnies don’t do that. Therefore, their claws do not wear out. As a result, they can at times grow too long.

Cutting rabbit nails is one of the ways to you can ensure your pet is properly groomed. When bunny’s nails grow too long, they may curl back and because of the curling, the bunny may find it uncomfortable even to walk.

How to trim rabbit nails

How to clip them

Did you know that you can trim or cut your rabbit claws on your own even without calling a vet? Yes, you can. This is known as clipping. Doing this on your own is quite cheap. Also, since they grow very fast, frequent visits to the vet might be a bit expensive.

How do you cut them? This is a common question among many people. In fact, many people do not know how to clip a bunny’s nails. This article will give you detailed information on how you can do it at home even without engaging a vet.

Why should you cut your rabbit nails?

Trimming your rabbit nails should always be given a priority. If you don’t trim them, they might get long and sharp. Sharp ones will eventually harm you or others. At the same time, your bunny may injure itself as it scratches itself.

Imagine a bunny walking on a flat surface with sharp nails. It is not only uncomfortable but also very unhealthy. Sore hocks among bunnies are attributed to sharp claws. If your rabbit finds it uncomfortable to walk on a flat surface, then maybe it is having long nails.

How to effectively cut rabbit nails

If you treasure your rabbit, then make it a routine to cut its claws. When you trim them well and in time, the bunny feels comfortable. One can trim these claws at home by the use of clippers.

What you need to trim them

Therefore, cutting a bunny’s nails requires three things. These include:

Nail clippers

These are mainly made of stainless steel. In other cases, they are made of aluminum and plastic. They can either be a compound lever or plier type. They usually come along with a miniature for manicuring the nails. During this exercise, you need them. There are several good nail clippers you can go for in the market that include Shiny Pet’s Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals, JOFUYU Updated 2020 Version Cat Nail Clippers and Trimmer, TRIXIE Small Animal Nail Clippers

Styptic powder

This is also known as an antihemorrhagic agent. It helps in blood clotting in the case of an injury. In the process of trimming rabbit claws, you might accidentally injure it. In such a case, you need a styptic powder that seals the injured blood vessels. Miracle Care Kwik Stop Styptic Solution will do the work perfectly well.

Grooming brush

After cutting the claws, you need your bunny to look good. Therefore you need a grooming brush for removing excess hair and making the bunny look smart.

You should, however, use animal nail clippers. Did you know that human ones are not meant for animals? Clippers to be used must be sharp. Sharp clippers cut sharply and quickly without causing trauma on the toes.

Be careful not to overcut the nails. Raising-rabbits.com identifies that these clippers can fit a certain size of rabbit claws. You should cut up to where the dead nail ends. If you overcut it, you might cause irritation on the paws.

Steps for cutting a bunny’s claws

The cutting process is always a very simple one You can do it at home if you are having a pair of clippers. Below steps explains to you on how you can effectively cut your rabbit nails:

Where to trim rabbit claws



  1. Look at each rabbit nail and identify the darker or pink shadow. This dark part is known as the kwik. It includes a small vein that supplies blood.
  2. After identifying the kwik, identify a diagonal line running across each line. The diagonal line is black in color.
  3. Use these as the cut lines.
  4. To cut them, insert the clip such that you cut just above the kwik.
  5. Make sure that the kwik is not cut. If you accidentally cut the kwik, your rabbit will severely bleed.
  6. For rabbits with black nails, it would be hard to identify the kwik. In this case, you need to be extra careful.
  7. In cases where you cannot see the kwik, use some light on the opposite side of the nail. By doing this, you will clearly see the kwik.
  8. When cutting them, cut them in an upward angle. However, avoid drastic diagonals so that you don’t leave the rabbit with sharp claws after cutting.

Make sure that you cut all the claws. How many claws does a rabbit have? If you don’t know the exact number, then you might end up missing some claws.

In the hind paw, the rabbit has 4 claws. On the forepaw, the rabbit has 5. Some people assume that both hide, and forepaws have 4 claws. With such an assumption, some people end up missing some nails when trimming them.

When cutting rabbit claws, make sure that it is properly restrained. You can rub it with a towel and let someone help you to hold it. Also, while cutting them, ensure minimum movement. By doing this, you are reducing the risks of accidentally hurting your bunny.


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