Rabbit Nose Twitching Fast or Not Twitching

Rabbit twitching nose
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Rabbit nose twitching is a normal rabbit behavior. However, when it happens rapidly, or it does not happen, it may mean something. Here is all you need to know.

If you observed this pet keenly, you will notice that it keeps on twitching its nose or nostrils. This normally happens 20-120 times per minute [1] and it is not related to, or synchronized with breathing.

One of the reasons why it happens is to help “moves about the sensitive smelling organs in their noses and exposes them to more air.” [2]  This helps rabbits to be able to smell better as they are is taking their smell receptor to the air.

Rabbit twitching nose
Rabbit twitching nose

Also, this behavior enables them to smell any scent in the air even if it is so little and it is important in detecting predator scents before they come too close to them.

If they detect a predator, they may thump their feet, growl, scream, squeak or try to escape.

Rabbit twitching nose fast

You have an idea of why this phenomenon happens. You should be able to guess why it may happen more rapidly.

To being with, your bunnies are “scared and trying to stay alert.” [3] For instance, if you notice your bunny twitching his or her nose faster after you just entered the room, he or she only trying to detect you.

Also, your bunny might have seen you and it is used to you, but you may have the smell of a predator. Expect the nose wiggling to be faster. 

Rabbits use scents to detect bad and good things including predators and not just eyesight. Therefore, if you are new, expect the nose twitching to happen faster until the time when this pet gets used to you. After it gets used to you, the twitching can return to normal or be slower than normal.

Secondly, the increase may indicate that your bunny is anticipating something such as food especially when feeding time nears. You will also see the same thing if you walk in with a treat. Your furry friend is trying to know what food it is and anticipating to have it.

Also, when they are stressed, it may happen a lot. There are many things that can stress these animals including predators, environmental change, pain, among others.

You may also notice this behavior if it is so hot as your rabbit will be trying to cool itself. Usually, if it is caused by hot climates, you will also notice an increased rate of breathing (panting). Find ways to make your rabbit cool to avoid heat strokes. 

Sometimes this bunny behavior is often noted when a bunny is interested in something and it might be followed by sniffing.

Rabbit nose not twitching

If your rabbit does not twitch his or her nose, he is very relaxed. [4] This can only happen if it totally trusts you. Only when this pet feels safe is the time can it reduce twitching or not do it at all.


A correct deciphering of why your rabbit is twitching its nose faster or not doing it at all requires you to consider the context during which it occurs.

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