Rabbit Jumping and How High Can Rabbits Jump

How to train your rabbit to jump
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How long and high can rabbits jump? Are there jumping rabbit shows? Can I train my bunny to jump?

Rabbits can make both a long and high jump, thanks to their powerful and longer hind legs that give them the thrust to leap forward and upwards. These powerful hind legs also give this animal the agility to rapidly escape from their predator in a zig-zag manner.

They can also stand on their back legs to periscope around as well as thump them down loudly to warn other bunnies of impending danger.

How to train your rabbit to jump
How to train your rabbit to jump

When excited, these animals can do binkies, i.e., they can leap into the air while twirling or twisting their bodies. Binkies are one of the happy bunny body languages.

How high can rabbit jump?

Ordinarily, most of the domestic and wild rabbits can jump about two feet high, vertically. However, they can leap a much longer distance horizontally, i.e., about 9 feet. [1].

Some breeds, such as the cottontails can leap horizontally to as far as 15 feet while trying to escape from their various predators including snakes, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, dogs and so on.

Rabbit show jumping

Also known as Kaninho, hopping or rabbit agility, this is a sport that resembles the horse show jumping. It began in the 1970s in Sweden and has spread to other parts of Europe, Australia as well as to the US.

The exercise has a straight, crooked, high and long lump courses.  The “courses are divided by skill level: Mini: 20 cm Easy: 28 cm Medium: 35 cm Difficult: 45 cm Elite: 50 cm.”[2

So far, the Guinness Book of World Records holder has jumped  100 cm high while the longest holds 3 meters (118.1 in).[3]

Various domestic bunny breeds can compete. However, small breeds (including dwarfs) have problems going over high obstacles, Similarly, giant breeds are disadvantaged owing to their much weight which they exert on their front legs that could possibly cause injury.

 Also, the long-haired breeds such as Angora need the hair clipped or they will be disqualified since their long coat will interfere with their vision and agility.

How to train rabbits to jump over obstacles

Bunnies are trainable animals and they can be trained to do various thing such as using their litter trays, not to chew everything, to be held, recognize their name, hopping over obstacles, or even learn a more few tricks. 

These animals are intelligent and will be mentally and physically stimulated if they are challenged to learn something new and this can help break boredom which is associated with a destructive and aggressive nature.

If you intend to teach your rabbit to jump over something, you need to be very patient as this is going to take some time. Alternatively, choosing an experienced trainer will bring faster results. However, you can also do it by yourself.

We found two valuable resources that can help you train your rabbit to jump over something or even compete in a hoping show. Therefore, if you are interested, follow these guidelines:


Whereas you may want to see your pet being able to go over an obstacle, always remember that these pets have a fragile back and they can easily get break their spinal vertebra as well get injured.

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