9 Best Heated Rabbit Water Bottles, Bowls and System

Farm Innovators Model HRB-20 Heated Water Bottle for Rabbits
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How can you prevent your rabbit water from freezing during winter or colder seasons? Will heated bottles, system, and bowls be of any help?


To some, winter means time to go skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. However, to rabbit keepers, especially when they do not have temperature-controlled hutches or enclosures, or their bunnies do not stay in outdoor enclosures, they have to woes of ensuring their watering bottles, system or crocks do not freeze.

Usually, during this time, the watering bottles, bowls, and automated water systems begin to freeze making it impossible for you to give your bunnies enough water daily. Water is vital, and they need about 50-100 ml per kilogram of their body weight daily.

How to keep rabbit water from freezing

During winter, most people start using metallic crocks to avoid other types (plastic and ceramic) from cracking, swap bottles often to prevent them from freezing, use insulated bottles or one with covers or snugs. Also, some people may move hutches to their basements, use heat lamps, among other strategies.

However, you do not have to struggle anymore. Simply go for heated bowls, bottles, and systems, and you will be sorted.  Let us look at each in detail.

Heated rabbit water bottles 

As Cozywinters.com states, these are “thermostatically controlled heated pet water bottle designed for rabbits and other small animals.” Besides being durable, they will ensure no freezing occurs at all. Typically, they use low wattage power and can work at sub-zero temperatures.

If you would wish to give them a try, consider going for the following since they are some of the best brands of the heated rabbit water bottles shortly. 

If you are buying any of these, ensure their code is anti-chew protected, it consumes less power, does not shock your bunnies, and it is easy to refill.

Heated rabbit bowls or crocks

If you do not prefer bottles, consider going for heated crocks or bowls. They are also thermostatically controlled and will ensure your pet’s water does not freeze at all.

Rabbit water heated bowl or crock

They consume little power, i.e., about 20-60 watts heater and can be used outdoors or indoors depending on their size. Petco.com states that “all electronics are safely sealed inside, and the cord is steel wrapped to prevent abrasion.”

You can get both metallic (stainless steel) and plastic ones. 

When buying this heated dish or crock, ensure you go for the right size as a too big one may make it difficult for smaller rabbits to use it.

Best heated water bowls and bottles for rabbits

You have a general understanding of heated water crocks and bottles. It is time to look at some of the best brands to buy for your bunnies which include the following:

K&H Thermal Bowl (96 oz.)

If you want to prevent your dog, cat, rabbit or other pet’s drinking water from freezing, K&H has an array of heated water bowls, both plastic and those from stainless steel. One of their most popular brands is 96 oz., plastic crock available in blue color.

Key features

  • It comes with a chew-proof 5.5 feet cord, thanks to the encasing stainless steel wrapping.
  • It uses only 25 watts, making it very efficient in conserving your electricity.
  • The heating element is safely sealed to ensure it cannot cause any injury to your pet while it is drinking water.
  • It is MET Laboratories certified, making it safe for use in the US and Canada.

K&H Thermal Bowl (96 oz)

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Besides the 96 oz., you can buy the 1.5 Gallon Granite K&H Thermal-Bowl (192 oz.) if you have larger pets.  

Alternatively, you have you the 25 Watts 120 Ounce Stainless Steel K&H Thermal-Bowl or the 30 Watts 12 oz. / 24 oz. K&H Thermo-Kitty Café made of plastic with a stainless steel insert ideal for small bunnies, cats, or kittens.K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Kitty Cafe Heated Food & Water Bow

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Farm Innovators Model HRB-20 Heated Water Bottle for Rabbits

Water bowl and bottles have their pros and cons. If you happen to prefer the latter, look no further than the 30 oz. Farm Innovators Model HRB-20 Heated Water Bottle for Rabbits. It will also work well for other small pets like your birds, guinea pigs, and other small rodents.

Key features

  • It uses an on-demand thermostat to control the temperature of the water. This will ensure that the water doesn’t get too hot or freeze.
  • It uses only 20 watts, making it energy efficient
  • It can work even in places where the temperature goes below zero degrees and the drinker (drinking valve won’t freeze)
  • It is easy to fill from the top
  • Easy to install since it comes with attachment clips as well as a chew-proof electrical cord.
  • It comes with an instruction card to guide you on how to use it efficiently.

Farm Innovators Model HRB-20 Heated Water Bottle for Rabbits

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Farm Innovators Quart Heated Bowl

Farm Innovators Quart Heated Bowl is one of the trendy heated water crock that is ideal for small animals such as your rabbits and other pets. This plastic bowl comes either in green or blue colors, QT-1C, and QT-1, respectively.

Key features

  • It is controlled with a thermostat whenever but only when it is vital
  • It has a 5 feet heavy-duty cord with a metallic anti-chew protector.
  • It has an inbuilt heater that consumers only 25 watts
  • Has a capacity of 1 quart
  • It features a twin wall is study as well as a non-tip construction.
  • The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty.

Farm Innovators Quart Heated Bowl

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Still from Farm innovators, you have an option of buying a 60 watt Model R-19 and a Model P-60, each with a capacity of 192 oz. (6 quartz) ideal for larger pets.

If you prefer a plastic and stainless construction, you can buy the plastic 40 watts Model SB-40 96 oz. (3 quarts) or 60wats Model SB-60 176 oz. (5.5quarts) with a stainless steel insert and a non-skid bottom made of rubber.Farm Innovators Heated Pet Bowl with Stainless Steel Bowl Insert

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Petfactors Heated Pet Bowl, Outdoor Pet Thermal Water Bowl

If you have giant bunnies, dogs, or cats, the Petfactors Heated Pet Bowl, Outdoor Pet Thermal Water Bowl, is another excellent choice. It can hold up to 2.2 liters of water and comes in various colors.

Key features

  • It has a 69-inch tear and chew-resistant plastic cord, making it safe for even vivacious chewers.
  • Can control a temperature range of 97℉ – 109℉ using an internal thermostat.
  • When it doesn’t have water, the no water automatic protection function will take it to a standby mode and prevent further heating until there is water. This safety feature will ensure your pet is not burnt.
  • It doesn’t not skid, thanks to the antiskid notches located on its bottom surface.
  • It has a waterproof switch to put it on and off.
  • MET Safety Listed and its made using a BPA Free Plastic

Petfactors Heated Pet Bowl, Outdoor Pet Thermal Water Bowl

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Namsan Heated Pet Bowl Outdoor Dog Thermal-Bowl

This brand will provide drinkable water even in sub-freezing conditions for your pets, including your chicken, squirrel, cats, dogs, rabbits, and cats.

Key benefits

  • The bowl is ETL certified BPA free, making it safe for your pets
  • It comes with a long, 5.5 feet steel wrapped (chew-resistant) cord for charging it
  • Its inbuilt thermostat will maintain a water temperature between 28 and 35℃ (77 and 95℉). This range will ensure water remains drinkable even in coldest winters.
  • It has a waterproof ON/OFF switch and indicator light to let you know when it is on or off. Power goes off when it doesn’t have water.
  • Its heater and thermostat (electronics) are safely sealed inside the bowl.

Namsan Heated Pet Bowl Outdoor Dog Thermal-Bowl Provide Drinkable Water in Sub-Freezing Temperature

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Alternatively, there is the Namsan Heated Pet Bowl Cage Hanging Dog Thermal-Bowl Barn Cat Heating Feeder, USB Cable Energize, and Without Adapter, which you can use for feeding or giving these pets water.  

Allied Plastic Heated Pet Bowl, 1-Quart

This brand is ideal for small to medium size dogs, cats, and other pets. It will prevent the freezing of water even in the coldest seasons.

Key benefits

  • Thermostatically controlled with an inbuilt thermostat
  • Has a one year warranty
  • Its cable has a cord protector that is chew resistant
  • Its design doesn’t allow it to tip-off easily
  • It uses 30 watts from a 120-volt power line.

Allied Plastic Heated Pet Bowl, 1-Quart

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If you need a larger one, Allied Precision industries also have a Blue 5 (1.25 gallons) quarts Heated Pet Bowl.

Alternatively, you can purchase their 25 watts, 1-quart Stainless Steel Heated Pet Bowl with Hutch Mount, which is easy to mount anywhere in your hutch or cage. It is ideal for small pets, including your dog, cat, rabbits, and others.Allied Stainless Steel Heated Pet Bowl with Hutch Mount

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PETLESO Heated Dog Water Bowl – Outdoor Dog Water Bowl for Small to Large Dogs

When winter approaches, temperatures begin, and in some areas, water begins to freeze. If you live in such areas, you need a heated water bottle or bowl such as PETLESO to ensure water remains drinkable throughout.

Its key benefits, features, capacity, and use is more or less the same as Namsan, making. The manufacturer must be the same.PETLESO Heated Dog Water Bowl - Outdoor Dog Water Bowl for Small to Large Dogs

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Allied Precision Ind HRB32 32-Ounce Heated Rabbit Bottle

Allied Precision Ind HRB32 is a 32-Ounce thermostatically controlled heated water bottle ideal for bunnies and other smaller pets. It will ensure your bunnies have an uninterrupted continuous supply of water even in sub-zero temperatures.Allied Precision Ind HRB32 32-Ounce Heated Rabbit Bottle

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Other notable brands include the following:

  • JOYOOO 700ML Pet Heated Water Bowl, USB Safe Pet Feed Cage Hanging Bowl Electric Heated Drinking Bowl
  • LEEaccessory Heated Pet Bowl Outdoor Dog Thermal-Bowl Automatic Constant Temperature 18-25 ° C Cat Dog Food Bowl, 600ml

Winter rabbit system

Finally, if you are using an automatic watering system, you can opt for a heated re-circulation system that is thermostatically controlled. Also, ensure you properly insulate your tubes to avoid energy loss.

We have a post more on an automatic watering system that can help you see the benefits of automation as well as how to go about it.

Finally, you do not always have to buy everything for your bunnies. You can consider making your own homemade heated rabbit watering system, ensure it is safe and it does not harm your furry friends.

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