Do Rabbits Eat Hostas or Not?

Do rabbits eat hostas
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Hostas are perennial herbaceous ornamental plants that can grow well under a shaded area. Can rabbits eat them or not?

Hosta, also known as plantain lilies, or giboshi in Japanese is a shade-tolerant (can go on an area with shade where nothing else seems to grow) ornamental plants that belong to the family Asparagaceae.

Do rabbits eat hostas
Do rabbits eat hostas?

This perennial herbaceous plant that grows from stolons or rhizomes comes in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, forms, and textures that make attractive foliage with at times fragrant blooms.

Many people prefer them not only for their ability to grow under an area with a shade, but they will also reduce weed, soil erosion, and increase property value with landscaping among other benefits.

Besides their ornamental value, some varieties are edible where they “can be eaten raw in salads or steamed as a veggie, being similar in taste to asparagus” states Thegrownetwork.com. Some of the edible species include H. sieboldiana, Montana, longipes, and H. sieboldii among others.

With an idea of what hostas are, it is time to look at whether rabbits can eat this perennial plant or not?

Do rabbis eat hostas?

Yes. Rabbits eat hostas. As Hostasdirect.com notes, “in the spring, rabbits often eat hosta leaves just as the plants are coming up. They also sometimes bite off flower scapes but seem to prefer tender shoots.” This damage is often noticed as spring begins, but it reduces as this season progresses.

The voles, moles, deer, snails, squirrel, and slugs are other common animals that also eat the leaves of this perennial ornamental plant.

If you want to keep bunnies from eating your hostas, there are many strategies to use which include using the various bunny repellents that will consist of planting rabbit repellent plants near them, using repellents such as garlic or cayenne powder or sprays or fencing the area where you have planted you’re your plantain lilies.


Whereas we have seen that bunnies can eat hostas, they do not form the main part of their daily diet. The rabbit’s digestive system is adapted to digested high fiber diets.

Being folivores, they rely on mainly hay such as Kaytee Timothy Hay that accounts for about 80% with the rest being about 5% high fiber pellets and 10-15% fresh foods.  Fresh foods will include the leafy greens that bunnies eat as well as some treats of non-leafy vegetables and fruits.

Do not forget to give them unlimited water supply using rabbit bowls, bottles or automated watering systems.

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