Bunny 500 – Super-Fast Rabbit Dashes

Bunny 500
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Bunny 500 refers super-fast rabbit dashes around the house, under and over various things including bed, sofa, and so on. What message does this body language indicate?

Understanding the various rabbit sound or your rabbit’s body langue is very essential in reading his mood, needs, and so on. One common body language that your furry critter may present is what is known as bunny 500.

Bunny 500 is a common rabbit behavior characterized by super-fast rabbit dashes under, around, up and over your furniture, bed, people, down the hallway, to rooms, and so on. The running happens in a manner that you may think that he or she is chasing something or being pursued.

Bunny 500
Bunny 500

This can happen alongside flops, rabbit binkies, and hopping as well as other energetic activities including jumping and it is very entertaining and something assuring to watch.

Bunny 500 video

What does it mean?

If you notice your bunny performing these movements, you should know that your pet is extremely contented and happy with his or her life. Your pet is trying to say, ‘I am super excited’, ‘I am very happy with my life’ and so on.

It is one of the happy body languages and your bunny is dashing around in pure excitement. It can happen at any time including while your rabbit is about to have his or her treat, playing with you or other bunnies.

If it does not do them?

Whereas some people who own this pet may find it hard to stand the frequent rapid runs and dashes, there are those who have never had a chance to witness it.

If you are one of the people who has never seen your much-loved pet do the bunny 500s, you need not worry as these critters have various ways to show their happiness and excitement.

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