5 Best Automatic Rabbit Feeders and DIY PVC Homemade

Prevue Pet Products SPV3500 Metal Small Animal Bin Feeder
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Do you find feeding your rabbits routinely according to their feeding plan to be tedious and time consuming? Consider going for automatic rabbit feeders including the PVC pipe homemade ones.


Rabbits need not only to be given a safe housing, the right diet, water and be groomed, but also to be monitored closely to ensure they are healthy and happy.

To save you the effort and time checking if they have food or water all the time, you can opt for automatic waters and feeders. Note that, even after all these, you still need to check on them to ensure all is well.

Since we already covered something on an automatic rabbit watering system, let us focus on automatic rabbit feeders where you can opt for commercially available ones or make some simple ones such as the PVC pipe rabbit feeders.

Is an automatic rabbit feeder for everyone?

Whether you rear bunnies as pets (in a single house or multiple ones), you have a farm, pet store or you constantly travel, an automated feeding system will go a long way in ensuring your schedules are not interrupted.  

Here are some of the benefits of going for an automatic feeding system as opposed to the manual where you must give your bunnies food twice a day.

  • Time-saving – It will save time, especially for people who have a lot of commitments. When you decided to have a bunny, it means you had made up your mind to be able to take good care of it and ensure it is happy. Automatic feeders can be helpful.
  • Easy rabbit feeder plans – Even if you have a lot of time unless you set a reminder, you may still forget to give your bunnies food at the right time. The automated rabbit feeder comes with a feeding plan which will automatically be executed.
  • Reduces wastages – Since it dispenses small amounts of food at a time, it keeps the rest of the food fresh, clean and reduces wastages.

Best automatic feeder brands

If you need them, you will get from the simpler brands to advanced ones that might come with LCD display, timers, among other features to enable you to set up rabbit feeding plans. 

Since ordinary rabbit diets have only 5% pellets, over 80% grassy hays such as Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting “Perfect Blend” Timothy Hay Pet Food and the best fresh food (veggies, safe plants, and fruit treats) a practical automatic bunny pellet feeder must be programmable unless they dispense hay. Otherwise, you will not be able to control how much pellets they will eat


For the hay and fresh foods, you need a good brand of hay feeder and a feeding bowl of which there are many brands. 

Therefore, any feeder that doesn’t control portions served is not recommended for these pets. Some of the best brands in the market any cat or dog automatic feeder that controls portions

PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder, Smart Feed Cat Feeder Dog Feeder Wi-Fi Enabled

Petkit is an automatic feeder designed for cats and dogs. When connected with WIFI and if you have its app, you can reschedule feeding with your smartphone. It works with Alexa, Scheduled Feeding, has alarms for distribution and controls portion.

Once verified buyer notes that it works very well with bunny pellets so long as they are the size of feline kibbles.PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder, Smart Feed Cat Feeder Dog Feeder Wi-Fi Enabled

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Prevue Pet Products SPV3500 Metal Small Animal Bin Feeder, Green

Prevue Pet Products SPV3500 Metal Small Animal Bin Feeder is an excellent choice of an automatic bunny feeder if you use it for timothy hay and not pellets since it is a gravity feeder.

It is made using powder-coated metal, can hold food for up to five days, and you effortlessly attach it on the outside of your cage or hutch.

Finally, it has a sifter floor, which will help get rid of any dust that may be in your bunny’s food reducing chances of respiratory problems.Prevue Pet Products SPV3500 Metal Small Animal Bin Feeder

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Kaytee Gravity Bin Feeder

This is another great gravity feeder that can dispense both pellets and hay. However, for easy control, we would recommend you use it with hay only.

It is easy to connect to any wire cage, can hold food for several days, and other small pets, including guinea pigs, can use it.Kaytee Food Dispensers

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PETFLY Remote Control Automatic Feeder

Equipped with an LCD display, battery, a voice recorder, and remote control, this feeder is durable and can be programmed to give up to 5 meals a day with 12 portion options each being about 25 grams.

It has a total capacity of 10.6 liters and its transparent hopper is easy to monitor to see amounts of food remaining.PETFLY Pet Feeder, Remote Control Automatic Feeder Rechargeable Electric Food Dispenser Device with Large Food Container for Cat, dogs, rabbit

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DecoStain Programmable Automative Pet Feeder

This brand is equipped with an LCD display, dual power source and it allows you to set feed portions ranging from 1 to 12 portions for the selected up to three meal options daily.

It has a voice recording, can hold up to 5 liters of dry food of diameter between 5mm to 15mm and will remind you when its power goes low.DecoStain Programmable Automative Pet Feeder

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The other one that is equally good is Andrew James 4 Day Automatic Pet Feeder  

PVC Automatic homemade rabbit feeders

With a few tools and raw materials, you can make your own automatic rabbit feeder. Most of them will use gravity and only dispense more food as your rabbits eat.

A good example is the one made from PVC pipes. Here is an illustration of the automatic DIY PVC rabbit feeder.

One downside of the homemade ones is you may not be able to control how much your bunnies are going to eat. If they eat too much, they may be overweight and obese.

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