Cat Hair Removal from Furniture, Clothes or Carpet

How to get rid of cat fur or hair from clothes, carpet, floor
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With all it cuteness and great company your pet cat offers, you may end up with its fur in on your head, furniture, carpet, bedding and so on. This doesn’t mean you stop loving them. There are many simple pet hair removal products and tips that you can use instead!

Today, we’re going to tackle cat hair products, factors to consider before removing these hairs as well as how to prevent excessive build-up. Most of ways or techniques are also applicable to dog hair removal.

How to get rid of cat fur or hair from clothes, carpet, floor

How to get rid cat fur

While discussing the various tools or products, we will focus more on removing cat hair from clothes, carpeting, and furniture. We’ll also explore best cat removal products, tools as well as best procedures to follow during the removal process.

There are many techniques and if you do not want to struggle, you can get experts to help you with the process of fur removal from your furniture, carpet or clothes.

What to consider before cat hair removal

Before you engage in the cat hair removal exercise, there are a few factors you should consider. First, you should consider where you want to remove the fur, is it on a carpet, floor, couch or a cloth? Again, if for instance, it is a carpet on the floor, then what is the size of the affected area?

Secondly, the amount of cat fur on carpeting or other upholstery should also be considered. The process of getting rid of this fur from a smooth and hard surface would also vary, and thus different tools and techniques will be used.

In general, a few cat’s furs on a smaller surface would be easy to remove those tons of hairs on couches or anywhere else.

Before you struggle to remove tons of cat or dog hair from carpeting or upholsteries, you can consider some preventive measures we will discuss towards the end.

Techniques, ways, and products to use

The techniques explained below can be specific or can be used for cat hair removal on the floor and other upholstery. Some are very effective than others, depending on how they are applied and where they are applied. Read about for more details:

Cat hair glove

These gloves can be used on carpets, clothes and certain furniture. Rub this latex glove on the affected surface. The fur should stick to your glove. There is also rubber cat hair remover with bristles that works. You can use a rubber bristle glove on floors. First, moisten it for effective results.

For the best brands, we recommend the following gloves:

Pet hair remover sponge

You can use a pet hair sponge for cat hair removal on sofas as well as other upholstery. This is a simple procedure at home. Simply run a dry, clean kitchen pet hair sponge on a couch. The pet fur would adhere to it and your worry would be gone.

You can also use the commercial pet hair remover sponge; Evercare Pet Hair Remover Sponge is just among the best brands.

Best broom for pet hair

A rubber broom for pet hair is another alternative where other techniques have failed to get rid of cat fur from carpet and upholstery.

You can get the natural rubber bristle pet hair broom in the market. The would pull out the cat fur from couches and other upholstery when running over them.

If you looking for the best fur brooms for pet fur, we recommend Evriholder Furemover Broom with Squeegee and Furemover-Natural-Rubber-Multi-Surface-Removal. Many other brands exist in the market.

Pet hair vacuum

A Pet hair vacuum is used for fur removal in a large area. They are a little bit expensive but would provide better results. After vacuum for quite a long time but, still, you see tons of fur on your carpet, it seems your vacuum is not giving out an effective result. In such a situation, you apply liquid fabric softener and continue.

Sprinkle a liquid fabric softener on your carpet and let it sit for some minutes. You can thus vacuum up all the fur brought to the surface. Here are the best pet hair vacuums:

Many other vacuums are available on the market. It is up to you to decide which one would suit you after going through the reviews.

Pet hair roller

You can also make use of a pet hair remover roller made at home. Lint hair roller is a very effective cat and dog hair remover. It is cheap and can be readily made at home, however, the replacement sheet would be very expensive. According to, “just wrap some packaging tape in a circle, sticky-side out. You’ll have just as much pick-up power at a fraction of the price.”

On the other hand, you can buy one from the market. There countless types and on the market. Below are the examples:

  • Evercare Pet Hair Remover Roller
  • Sticky Lint Roller
  • Evercare Pet Mega Cleaning Roller
  • Chom Chom-Roller-Dog-Hair-Remover
  • Hair-Roller-Lint-Remover-SuperiorMaker

Pet hair remover brush

Another option is a pet hairbrush. The brushes are made up of different materials and would just provide effective results depending on how you use them. We don’t recommend these brushes especially on those clothes made from cotton and continuous as they will wear your clothes fast.

When you got to the market, you can select your favorite pet brush from the following or other options:

  • Ovee Lando Pet Hair Remover Brush
  • Magic Lint Fluff Fabric Clothes Dust Brush Pet Hair Cleaner Static Remover
  • Pet Grooming Brush Comb Shedding Rake Trimming Tool for Dog Cat Hair Fur Removal
  • Portable Fur Pet Hair Lint Removal Magic Cloth Fabric Brush Reusable Remover USA
  • Pet Cat Dog Hair Remover Shedding Massage Grooming Brush Comb Vacuum Cleaner

As we had said earlier, there are numerous ways of feline fur removal. The process involves cheap and expensive, simple and integrated procedures and tools. The procedures or tools can be improvised at home or some would be bought from the market.

There are many such tools available on the market today. They include vacuums, gloves, brooms, brushes, pumice stones and more. It is thus upon you to determine the tools to use depending on where you want to use them.

Preventive measures for cat hair build

Before you become a victim of the build-up of cat hair on your floors or couches, you can consider some preventive measures. Imagine your friends to call in your house and find cat fur stuck anywhere in the house: on clothes, couches, carpet, and floors etc.

Don’t, worry we are about to teach you how to avoid feline far all over your house. To do so, consider the following preventive measures:

Consider removing the fur the pet themselves

You can reduce the hair on the pets that are likely to shed off. The methods and tools you would use here would also take into consideration the number of pets you have. Brushing your furry friend’s skin after a few days like two days would help reduce the hairs that are likely to be shed.

You can also vacuum your cat or dog. Put a thin stocking over the vacuum hose and then vacuum your pet.

Though vacuuming it would traumatize it, it is another preferred way of reducing fur cat or dog.

Isolate your clothes

Another great idea is to isolate your clothes. Make you sure you keep your clothes out of rich of cats. This would save you the ordeal of struggling to get off the fur from your clothes. You can also regularly vacuum your furniture and carpets to limit hair fur that may all get stuck on the clothes you are wearing.

Seek professional help

In case your cats increase the amount of fur they shade, it may be a symptom of certain pet diseases. You can thus take your pet to a vet who will do the diagnosis and offer the right treatments. The problem of shedding the excessive fur will only stop after the undying disease has been diagnosed and treated.


Cat or dog hair on the floor and other upholstery is a widespread problem many people face across the globe today. However, this does not mean you stop loving your pet and mistreat them. You simply need to heed the preventive measures and sort for best pet hair removers.

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